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I know I am definitely getting an Evolve 8 for my moss and shrimp tank. I like having 8 gallons to work with vs anything smaller just for water quality purposes. It's still small enough to be just barely a nano but large enough to keep it more stable. I am leaning more towards a second one for my high tech as well. But am still slightly considering the Spec V.

The acrylic doesn't really bother me. Not going for the high priced looked haha. More function over form here. I also like the dimensions of the Evolve, not sure I like that the Spec V is only 6in wide. As for the sump section, it is a must have so as much as I like the Eheims they are a no go.

I know that no matter tanks I get lighting upgrades are a must. But I am thinking that if I get two Evolve 8s that I can take the light from both and put them both on a single tank. Which is hopefully more than enough to grow the moss and crypts I want. Meaning I would only have to upgrade one light versus both.

For the lighting upgrade I am looking at Fugeray as I really like the LEDs versus the bulbs

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