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Originally Posted by shadetreeme View Post
I appreciate all the work and data put in this thread. I just wish I understood it all
What I am trying to figure out is.....
I have a 6' 125 gallon tank that has an older halide fixture. 300 Watts of halide and 90 of florescent.
it is time to replace that fixture.
I was going to do a 4 bulb 320 watt t5ho fixture.
In looking at these.... I got to thinking about 2 of the 32 inch fixtures.
I have looked at the numbers, but am still confused. I am using co2 and would like to continue.
I was thinking that the ray 2s may be the answer, but don't wasn't to order them and be disappointed.
Any help/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm using two 30" and one 24" on my 72" 125 gallon tank but it is way too soon to determine if the lighting is acceptable for my plants.
Three 24s may have been a better choice but I was impatient and could only find 30s (and at a lower price than the 24s).
They are only 3" in depth so it is easy to stagger/overlap.
The 48" has two of the 22.5" LED strips so I have a difficult time understanding the drastic PAR difference between the 24" and 48" Ray 2 fixtures.

I think you can determine the width of the LED strip by dividing the number of LEDs by 8. Number of LEDs is usually listed, strip width usually isn't.
Strips I have owned: 48" (contains 45" of LED). 24" (contains 22.5" of LED). 30" (contains 22.5" of LED). 16" (contains 10.5" of LED).
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