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They are gliding along the surface, the more I watch them, the more I think the round ones are swollen versions of the flatworm things. I've stuck a couple of dwarf gouramis in the tank for the moment hoping they will start eating them and I'll see if I can get rid of as many as possible through siphoning. I don't own a turkey baster (as I usually use a brush to baste my chickens and turkeys! ) but will definitely be investing in one for fishy purposes as it seems a really good way of getting stuff off the bottom of a nano like that.

I'm guessing they came in on a java moss ball as that is where they seem to be congregating. I bought 3 from the same LFS that were in different tanks, one of the others I was lucky enough to have fish eggs that hatched into fry! Only one survived (As it was purely a planted tank and didn't even think to look for fish in it!!!!) but I'd take that over those wormy things anyday. I HATE WORMS!!

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