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So the 55 gal has some more equipment added this weekend!

Aquaticlife T5HO Dual Bulb Fixture

Glass Canopies

Marineland C-360 Canister filter

I placed more plants in the tank, so from what I remember this is my plant list.(im sorry if the spelling is wrong or if I only have the common name, but I am doing this from memory at the moment.)

1x Rotalia Indicia
1x water cabbage
1x Lace Java Fern
2x Java Fern
1x Giant Subulata
2x Hornwort
1x some type of crypto with large oval reddish leaves. nice looking plant.
3x Amazon Sword (currently small ones.)
a small floating clump of pennywort
and some java moss I added today

I am dosing liquid c02 every other day. so what do you guys think?
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