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Originally Posted by dfish2077 View Post
OK in my 55 gallon planted tank I have regular gravel. And I use root tabs and a liquid feet. Called seachem flourish. I'm wondering is this enough for my echinodorus and anacharis plants or should I scrap the old gravel for something more useful to the plants like iron fortifyed substrate or something like flora ax. I know if I get new substrate it will be a huge pain in the ass. So I was wondering if y'all had any suggestions on how to do this easier. I'm working on getting a new double t8 48" two bulb set up. So things hope full things will go better. Thanks
you should be ok. I have 45gal moderately planted and all my plants are doing well with fluorish, excel and 2x T8 6500k light. For my swords I use root tabs next to their roots. I have the same issue with my substrate but since everything is thriving, I will hold off from tearing it down. Hope that helps
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