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Mr. Aqua 17.4 lighting

I've slowly been collecting scraps, parts and pieces for a new project.
Canister filter, inline heater, various hardscape materials, blah blah blah...
Anyways I am stuck on lighting for the tank. Tank will be a bottom drilled 17.4 gallon Mr. Aqua rimless. My flora list will consist of dense plantings of anubias nana, and var. petite. Several groupings of fern, most likely java. Various crypts and a relatively slow growing lowlight stem plant yet to be determined... I want this tank to remain low maintenance and undemanding. I don't want to supplement any co2 or additive yet still have strong enough light to actually grow these lowlight plants, not just keep them alive. I'd also prefer the fixture to have moonlights, and the ability to be hung instead of touch the tank in any way.
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