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Hi from Ann Arbor!

Hey guys I'm new around here, and just discovered the Michigan section on the forums. I have worked at a few pet stores around A2 when I was younger. I was really into aquariums back then, and when I stumbled upon video games (a much cheaper but more addictive hobby) I dropped the fish tank thing. I know, it's quite sad...but it probably saved me thousands.

Recently however, I've decided to pick up aquariums again; I'm trying to diversify my hobbies. Too much of one thing is a bad thing. So one day I went out in the garage and found an old 10 gallon with the gravel and hardscaping all still in tact. I filled er up and bought some fish. And so it begins...

Of course a 10 gallon isn't enough. Here I am planning away on a 29g when that tax return comes in! I'm drooling over a rimless 33gallon I found (Mr. Aqua) but it's pricey. Thought about a DIY "removing the rims" on a 29g but I'm not sure if I trust that. Then I was thinking why not just go with a 55 and use the 10g for a little shrimp tank...

You know the deal! So many ideas, not enough money!

Anyway I just wanted to say hello, introduce myself, and ramble about stuff. Any A2 people around here?
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