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First off a question, I have been getting some pretty bad green spot algae- any good recommended fixes? I have heard upping phosphate and reducing lighting time. Also can someone tell me if this anubias I already had is a petite, I ordered a bunch of petite and am now thinking the one I had may be a petite but the leaves seem different and I swear that when I had it emersed way back when it grew bigger. Here are two pics of the anubias in question, followed by one of it with my new anubias petite on the left.

I think this last pic makes them look different, leaves seem more pointed.

Other than that some pretty big changes in the tank. First was removing most of the java moss. This was only about half of what i took out, I made a little clearing/ depression in the middle where I plan on putting a white holey rock on the left and sand flanking it on the right.

Also hung up that piece of driftwood that was in the middle (with stainless steel screws this time and got some watersprite and crypt parva (which i now want about 10 more plants of it)

Then I got some plants in I ordered from H4n, great plants all really healthy looking! Here are some pics of the petite anubias, fissidens, and blyxa japonica I added in. Have a lot more fisseden to tie onto rocks and attach to wood still- poking in cracks hasnt worked to well so far.

An extras bin I have below, might have to do my first RAOK on here soon and figure out paypal- I have already given away about as much as I can to my two other friends who have tanks.

I may try to catch your fish if they are big enough
First PT- 55G
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