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Originally Posted by Learner View Post
Bill I cant wait to see the 125...................nifty ideas. 6' drip wall sounds so tantilizing.

My ficus isnt gonna make it. I took all the soil out and it was just soaked. I replanted it and now its soaked again...............must have a leak or something I just cant figure. we'll see i guess. The crypt forest down below is really starting to rage.

Wishing my newt seemed more happy........... he used to frolic under the water but now has retreated to a mossy outcropping and hardly ever comes out. I am gonna have to grab him and put him in a bucket to get him to eat as he wont eat the earthworms i offered on land. only eats under the water. ill keep ya posted.

and thanks for the compliments gentlemen!
Sad to hear, hopefully he gets over whatever is ailing him.

Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
howr far from your false bottom is the water line? wicking could be the reason your ficus is living in a bog.
Agree that this is the most likely source of the issue other than a leak, and I often find it to be the culprit in this type of tank.
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