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Originally Posted by jart View Post
How did you decide on your lighting? Can you be specific as to which lights you selected?

My 125 is progressing exponentially slower than yours. Not sure if that makes you feel any better.

Are you still planning on a sump? That would simplify your filtration questions, wouldn't it? Maybe just a sock and then loads of plastic dish scrubbers... maybe some rings as well.

Keep posting pics. I've been following this thread for a while. Great potential. Can't wait to see it full of fish and plants.
I knew i wanted to go with LED's and had planned on making them myself. but, if i had done that it would be a year before the tank was complete! I'll be using's "display" plant led fixture. Actually, i'll be using two 32".

I will be using a sump, and that is still in the very early stages of planning. I wanted to use my 55, but it won't fit! The only standard aquarium that petco sells that would fit would be a 29. though, i could source a 37 as well... but I'd prefer to buy from petco during the next $1/g sale. the other option is to buy some acrylic and get to work.

I have around 34" width to fit something, unfortunately. And if I had planned out the base better i would've made sure the inside depth was adequately sized for a tank, as it... it's 11.5". so I can't even sneak the 55 in there.
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