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Angelfish has done some more growing, tank is in need of a bit of a clean so not the best picture but I figured I'd share anyway

I've lost a few more fish so current inhabitants are:
11 penguin tetras
1 angelfish
1 oto
1 cherry barb

I was expecting the ram and the neon tetras to go, the tetras had gotten very old. I'm expecting the cherry barb to go too at some point. I'm pretty lightly stocked right now but I'll keep things like this for a while. The angelfish is super fun and seems to be happy to be the only larger fish in the tank

My Tank - Low tech just under 50g
Fauna: penguin tetras, angelfish, german blue rams, otos etc.
Flora: Vallisneria, crypts, java fern and anubias nana
My 4g planted nano
Fauna: 3 amano shrimp
Flora: hairgrass, pgostemon helferi, staurogyne repens
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