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Well got the same looking fish from two different lfs and they look the same, I understand there is usually a dominant male which would be the blood red looking one and the others are more orange/orange red.

Also the dark red ones are chosen first from the tanks according to the lfs guy, so they end up with lighter ones...??? That is the idea I guess.

I am glad to know about their teeny tiny food needs too. One day after watching them feed it seemed like they hadn't actually eaten the few number of little micro bites I put in there. They mouthed them and bit at them but didn't actually seem to EAT them. I think I was on a make sure I am not over feeding period.

Then I ground them together with my fingers and sprinkled it in and they gobbled like they were starving and then it started to click. My poor little guys were super hungry. And they didn't eat off of the substrate. I feed my shrimp on a regular basis but I never saw the "Chilis" eat on the ground. Those poor little guys, I felt awful. So yeah learning curve.

It is always possible they aren't what they are supposed to be, in regard to the Chilis. They are SUPER tiny.

The oebt are being sent the beginning of the week, they ship Monday or Tuesday. I will need to check for the email, if they sent the info. We were waiting for the package confirmation.

7.2 pH
0 I have ammonia out of the tap sometimes.

I am moving the Bronze and Blue cherries from the Edge, and clean the tank pretty thoroughly and leave the little Chilis in there. There will probably be a few cherries left in there since they are hard to get out of the tank due to the weird shape unless I dump out everything in the new tank and rescape the Edge!

Will have some high quality, not quite Fire Trucks, but Ruby red and they will be coming in about three weeks! I have seen the parents, and have a couple of them, but the guys stock was low so I got some more bronze and blues from him and just about 5 Ruby reds, only a couple were females.

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