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In the middle of moving and my phone camera is a dud.

But I will post a pic or two and also start a thread as soon as I get them set up and calm.

I have had the little Chilis for maybe about 8 months and have lost a couple from getting dumped onto the carpet and a chair when under estimating how much lfs water was in the bag. And maybe from starving. Just realized the food thing maybe 6 weeks ago, and even since then they look sooooo much better! Just got two more from a different lfs to see if theirs are any more hardy. They are delicate when being handled.

My little guys are not as dark as some of the pics of them. Lfs also had a darker type which looked almost the same but super dark red, can't think of the name atm. Which is the color I would have thought mine would be. Twice the price too!

The WCMM are common but quite striking. They aren't the feeder ones. Stay at the top of the tank most of the time.

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