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My New Herp...

Hey everyone... New to Herp here. I have been working on an aquarium journal for a while, and in the meantime, my fiance and I got a snake... well she really is taking the reins on this one mostly, but I get to do some of the research lol.

Anyway, we got a baby corn snake... I used to have a corn back when I was just a kid, my parents took care of it. I don't remember a whole ton about them.

We got a zilla snake starter kit for it, is a 20 gallon long enclosure, daytime light/heat lamp, and night time heat lamp. Also a little rock hide, a water dish, and we picked up a fake tree thingy for it to climb on.

So now I'm wondering, what did we do wrong? And what do I need to replace? lol. From my research it seems they like humidity between 40-50%, and temperature around 75ish? Does that seem right? We live in so-cal, and so we tend to have a dry climate... what's the best way to add humidity? Mosses? Wet substrate? Misting? Suggestions? lol

In general, is there anything I should really really know to make sure I do right by this snake? We plan to feed it once every other week with thawed frozen mice. That's what the pet store has been doing. Does that seem like it's enough feeding? Or should it be more frequent?

Thanks for any and all info!
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