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Fluval Spec V

I'd recommend the Spec V. I've had it for about a month, and I'm overall very Impressed. How ever, there are some downsides. The light might not be strong enough for a planted tank, and the screw that attaches the light is flimsy, and if you strip it, your light will sag. Also, the top is plastic, and not glass, and I keep managing to step on it when I take it off to clean. But. The filter is very strong, and the back compartment is great for hiding a heater or CO2 injection nozzle. It also looks fantastic and is perfectly dimensioned. If you look around on the site, a few guys have them and have done some SERIOUSLY sweet stuff with them. PM me if you plan to have a betta in it, and I can let you know how to tone down the filter a little (it cycles a LOT of water).
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