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Confused journey of another nano

Originally Posted by AutumnSky View Post
Hi, sorry to read about the fish problems. I have the tiny Brigittae Clilis, and so far the problem I had with them are they are so tiny they have a hard time even eating Micro Bites, so I crunched them and started feeding periodically the First Bites, and they seem like they aren't starving now.

My other tank has WCMM with the regular cherries, do not appear to have any problems with them.

I won a bid for a dozen OEBT, so I was glad to take your situation to heart, and will not take any undue chances. The oebt are coming this week.

The sand stones in there and the mosses are just beyond awesome, btw!!!
Yay glad to hear from you.

I want pics of your Boraras

And pics of your obeys! Start a tank thread!!!

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