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Originally Posted by cobra View Post
Hey Guys,

Just want to put added emphasis on these darn discountfilter filters and how damn fragile they are. When posters say not to over tighten that's an understatement. I tightened mine less than one revolution past finger tight and the housing still cracked! It's odd because the plastic (acrylic) is beefy where the threads are located.

When I was doing the salt water thing I would have to tighten the filter housings (RO/DI unit) substantially more than these pentek (sp) filters after changing a DI filter out.

Use caution! I wouldn't tighten much past 1/2 revolution after finger tight (seriously).

Are you talking about the actual housing or the 3/4 inch inlet/outlet. I just did the housing hand tight, and it was the only connection that didn't leak haha. Everything else I tightened as tight as I could get it with channel locks. I was first scared to strip the threads so I didn't tighten them as hard as I could. I wish I did because it got leaks in several spots and had to retighten them.

I wanted to give an update, I turned my co2 up more and now got a yellow drop checker, I reduced co2 slightly and increased surface agitation but today the drop checker is still yellow, fish arn't gasping so I'm rollen with it. I hope it helps my algae problems.

Hope this helps...
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