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Originally Posted by Kelbrina View Post
Oy! I plugged it in to see, there was a spark, and nothing happened. The cardboard box the LED came in says 10-30 volt DC. Did I ruin my light? What's the proper thing for me to do now?
A/C & D/C are two completely different creatures. The proper "thing" would have been to wire your light to a D/C power supply (and;or D/C power adapter). 110 - 120 volts of alternating current will definitely fry a 10-30 volt direct current driven light.

*As an afterthought (re-reading your posts)... I am presuming the input voltage for your light is D/C. Is there any mention at all on the box (or on the label of the light) about input voltage being A/C? If indeed your light is designed for A/C input, you may have wired your plug wrong (a lot of your foreign made electrical items use different color wires - e.g., green, yellow, brown - instead of the usual 'red & black' commonly used within the states), making a simple wiring process somewhat confusing.

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