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Re: Dave's 75-P

Originally Posted by davidj12 View Post
Something kind of weird is going on with my drop checker. Yesterday it took FOREVER to turn green. Like not until 5-6 hrs of blasting C02. When I woke up this morning it was still green... The C02 had been off all night... In my other tank it turns back blue over night.

To add another part to this I had to change the water this morning because I won't have time tonight. With all the aeration (my water filter takes forever to make up the 10gal I changed) going on for a few hrs I thought it would change but it's still green.... not quite sure what to make of this.

Now the C02 is back on and its just barely turning back blue.
Thats why I dont use them lol. Just keep plants pearling and your fine. If fish are at surface back off a little.

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