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Originally Posted by Turtlemaxxx View Post
That is a 12V DC flood light. you cannot just hook it up to a plug. you need to hook it up to a power supply. You overpaid too. return it if u can and get an AC model.

As for the 30" depth, let me get out my camera and show you a 30watt over my 125, 25" ish depth. I have no meter though so it will just be to show how bright the thing is.
Oy! I went to the hardware store with the light and asked them what I should do and they sold me a straight blade plug to hook it up to. Once I got it wired correctly, super-double-checking the right wires went to the right part, I plugged it in to see, there was a spark, and nothing happened.

This is the
plug plug
they sold me.

The cardboard box the LED came in says 10.5 watt LED waterproof outdoor light 10-30 volt DC, 3701WH-30V DC.

Did I ruin my light? What's the proper thing for me to do now?

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