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Enough Co2 from soil?


I've started digging deeper into aquascaping and tricky plants and just started my first dedicated plant-tank with som shrimp.

The tank is 5g and pretty heavily lit by a LED floodlight and a 20w compact fluorescent bulb. The bulb is only 2700k, the LED is unknown but much whiter.

Anyhow, I dirted the tank for the nutrition it provides, but the dirt will also produce co2, right? And if so, how much does it produce and what causes it to keep doing it?

I know that if I start dosing co2 there is a chanse I tire of it and ruin the tank, but I would like to try harder plants anyway. Can I do it with soil?

I dont know much about this stuff and I need kind of a basic explanation because Im not good at chemistry.

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