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Hello again, I did some reading, and decided to try a product call aqueon aquarium plant food. The girl at the lfs I like to go see (she keeps a really nice tank) explained to me that our local water has some of the nutrients but not all that my plants need, however it has every thing that algae needs. I figured it was worth 6 bucks to take her advise and went for it.

My anacharis instead of melting again took off like crazy, my aponogentons (spelling?) sent shoots up to the water line, and all of the black stuff turned white and is disappearing! I've also started running an air stone at night time but that's mainly because my fish seem to like it; and from what I understand it safer for them when running diy co2 any way. Just as a note, there was a week between starting the plant food and starting air. So I'm pretty sure it was the ferts . as for the air, I'll see next weekend if anything changes but I still think I'd like to keep it. It's been 3 days and all of my fish seem to be more playfull.

I hope I'm not missing something, I realize changing things too fast is bad so if any one has any suggestions I'm all ears!

BTW, Thank you as well Dave I think that's what you were telling me too....

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