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Red plants

Originally Posted by itoph View Post

Tank Size : 130cm x 60cm x 80cm
Lightings: 8 x T5 28w 8hrs/day (made in china, bought it for 3$ each)
Plants: Rotalla Macandra, Weeping Moss, Peacock Moss, Java Moss, Hair Grass, Anubias, etc
Fertilizer: 25ml after water change. Fertiqua (local Ferts that has carbon liquid, macro, micro, vitamins) (5$ 300ml size)
CO2: None
Regular water change twice a week 30%
Filter: Under Gravel Filter x 2 (7$ each)
Substrat: Volcano Sand (total 5
CPU Cooling Fan 2pcs
Power head 2pcs

6 Platys, 500 red cherry shrimp

PS. Sorry for bad cellphone cam picture.

Please tell me what you think.
Awesome tank! Can anyone tell me what the red plants are?
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