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I should get some more pics of this 2morrow, and I'll hopefully have them on here by the end of the week (would be sooner but I have a big test coming up so that takes a bit of precedence).

Tank seems to be doing well, one thing though is that I can't get the bubble count to get as high as I should. I think I need to take off the needle valve and put it back on again, but the way the manifold is set up I wouldn't be able to do that without removing the whole manifold from the regulator, then reattaching the needle valve....then reattaching the manifold to the regulator........

Maybe I'll do that over spring break or something, but for now its good enough I feel.
Need to trim some plants too, others need to grow in more before I need to touch them with the scissor as well. Gunna try and get some more plants that I don't have over break as well. And maybe finally sell a thing or two :P

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