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Post "No-tech" pico jars/bowls

Hello! This is my first post after a few weeks of lurking

These "tanks" are basically experiments where I wanted to see what I could achieve on essentially no budget. I've only been in the fish keeping game about 7 months, gradually building up from an unplanted betta cube to planted nano tanks. I can't afford to go any bigger and currently 2/3 of my tanks are second-hand or cast-offs. (Next year, god-willing, I should be working for Real Money and then I'm gonna go nuts)

Anyway, I saw lots of incredible pico tanks on here and other forums and I love them. I also hate throwing out perfectly good plant clippings and I happened to have a ton of jars lying around so, about three weeks ago I made these:

Each contains a thin layer of gravel and a couple of pond snails. The round one:

... has a small round piece of plastic mesh with java moss sewn in. This picture is about a week old and now the moss is growing along with a lot of thin, hairy algae (some of which can be seen on the left here)

The square one:

... is pretty damn tiny as you can see! It houses a tiny ambulia cutting which I've left to float - most of the floating ambulia in my other tank has put down roots to reach the gravel and I want to see if this will/can do the same.

There's only one snail in here and it seems to be doing pretty well:

(The water needed a change!)

I'm doing a water change about once a fortnight, plucking out the snail and swilling around some fresh water from my fish tanks. Everything so far looking healthy if algaeish.

Neither jar is getting any direct sunlight but the garden is pretty sunny. I was worried about overheating the snails!

I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for making these more interesting, or increasing the likelihood of success? Am I doing anything drastically wrong?

I also have another wee bowl set-up that I threw together yesterday (it's much prettier than these!) but I don't have the photos yet. Watch this space

Thanks for your interest
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