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Originally Posted by coryjones View Post
I ordered a 48v power supply typhon controller and 12 10w led's. what would you recommend for drivers to tun them? I would like to do one channel with 5 white and one channel with 7 blues and one channel for moon lights and one channel for my fuge lights is this possible? This set up is for my reef tank one i get the bugs worked out i will be building one fro my planted discuss tank. Where did you get the curcit board at for the mean well's? Thanks for any info. here are the specs on my leds.

DC Forward Voltage (VF) : 9-12V DC
DC Forward Current (IF) : 1000mA
Intensity Luminous: 800-900Lm
Viewing Angle: 140-160
I designed the circuit boards for the "Typhon" and the MeanWell LDD's myself and had them made by ITeadStudios in China.
Based on the specs of your leds, you could run up to 4 10 watt leds per each LDD-1000H, so you'd need 3 to cover the Whites & Blues, and 2 more to cover the Fuge and Monlights. The LDD's are available with different current settings so your free to pick the correct one for your needs.

225 Gal, Glass "Reef Ready" w/ dual Iwaki Pumps & 2 Ocean Clear inline filters. Makers 72" heat sink w/ 12 NanoBox V3 led arrays, custom built CC drivers. All controlled by a BlueFish "mini" Led Controller. iAqua Aquarium Controller , and a 20lb CO2 system w/ Milwaukee Ph Controller.
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