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Finally, update!!!

I will start by saying that I took out all the glossostigma, took away all the dead parts, and with the patience of a snapping turtle I spent 8 hours over 4 days planting them individually . I think I worsened my scoliosis .

Anyways, here is the glosso as of now:

I am putting special attention to the glosso, hopefully it would pay off by it growing horizontally.

I also found some Ludwigia arcuata from Petsmart in Topfin packages, still trying to cultivate them:

The Hemianthus is growing like a weed, I will trim it next week:

The crypts are finally growing the way I want them to, which is to have big broad leaves, though the right corner needs more time:

Found some Cladophora last week and quickly removed it :

The shrimp pictures that I promised-


Unknown, anyone want to take a guess?

FTS and angle shots:

Can't wait until glosso fills in properly . Still trying to source some more Rotala rotundifolia's.....

Currently no sign of algae and everything is growing at its best! CO2 at about 4 bps. Normal EI. About 65% water change once a week on Saturday. I did lower the light by an inch to increase growth.

I also finally got the filter output and the CO2 venturi at the right places to minimize CO2 loss and waste.

Now the hard part: PATIENCE FOR THINGS TO GROW.......


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