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While Planting I noticed how much was really in the TC cups. It is quite deceptive. Looks like not much but I just kept on going to one cup and planting and planting and planting. There is really quite a bit of plant mass in each cup although it looks like not much. The only weird thing is the way the roots grow. It is completely different than a plant in rock wool. The plant grows in a kind of nest looking thing and the roots are only a few mm long.


Inside the cup

Attempting to wash the black goo out of the plants

Planting after three cups


The MM looked kind of weird. I'm interested to see how it grows out.

So it was getting late by this point and I forgot to take pictures of the other two plants sorry.

I realized that equilibrium sucks soooo bad. I had to mix some up to re-constitute my RO water and it made the tank cloudy for the rest of the night. It also did not mix well and some of it is still on the bottom of my tank

Next morning

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