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Originally Posted by AlanLe View Post
EI is a waste of dry fert. My tank got massive algae when I was dosing with EI. I switched to PPS-Pro a week ago and most algae are gone. At least they don't grow on my glass.
I dose EI and my tank looks pretty decent:

How about a Video of another?

I can also find nice examples of bad algae for every single method of dosing.

So clearly and without any doubt, there are no issues with my own tanks and those of many many other people using EI. If you had an issue with CO2, or light or both prior...........then EI will only highlight those management issues, since a non limiting potentially limiting nutient is removed.
So nutrients are no longer DEPENDENT.

This helps teach people to manage their CO2 and light.
Which are far larger players in making the long term management of the aquarium much simpler and easier to reach the hobbyists goal.

Balance includes Light and CO2 also, not JUST nutrients alone. If EI causes problems or algae, it's not EI's fault, its yours, mine, or whoever is using it.
Do not blame nutrients because you have not mastered light or CO2 or both.
It's not the nutrient's fault, if it was, my aquariums would not be possible, but clearly, they are.

So this suggest it MUST be some other cause other than excess nutrients if you failed. Same logic applies equally to me or anyone.

Tom Barr
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