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AirstoND- I think the african violets have been in my tank for about 2 years now. I started 4 cuttings. 2 died pretty quickly and the 3rd (now the plant on the left of the pic) looked like it was going to die for most of the first year, then at about 1.5 years, began to grow and recently started blossoming. The 4th one (plant on the right) had a trouble spot the first month or so, then took off and never looked back, started blossoming just under a year. They are my favorite thing in the tank!!! I've never succeeded with anything quite so well as with those. They bloom almost constantly (maybe take a week break every other month or so to set on new buds).

I think I started with excellent stock- the parent plant is also flourishing, despite numerous deliberate attempts by my cats to kill it. At one point, I thought it was succumbing to crown rot, so I watered it only about twice in a 6 month timespan. Then I realized that it was determined NOT to die, so I started watering. Now, beautiful.

Now, look, you got me going on about my african violets I really like them!

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