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Yet Another Algae Story

Hi All, This is my first post and am sad to say it's about the diatom "brown algae" that has all but destroyed the plants in my 37 gal tank. It has also started to show up in one of my 10 gal tanks too and also on the same two types of plants, Anubias & Crypt's.

After following many threads here about diatoms have made some changes already to the tank. I have since added a power head to increase water flow and added a pouch of API Phos-Zorb to the Fluval 50 filter. Carbon was removed. The Anubias and Cryptocoryne wendtii were really going brown. I had been using API Leaf Zone and Seachem Flourish alternately weekly. I have stopped this, but do continue to add some API CO2 Booster each morning.

The T5 Dual tube lights add up to 36 watts and is on 11 hours a day, aprox. The amount of light does seem bright enough, but may not be seeing it's only 1 watt / gal. Should I add a stronger light system?

I cleaned the filter and it was all brown inside, the tubes as well. Also, have trashed the plants. Now know I could have brushed the diatoms off and saved them. Ugh!

I have an airstone, but should I run it all the time or just at night now?

The 10 Tiger Barbs seem very happy and the water is very clear. It's funny thou, the two Bacopa carolinia plants left in the tank are unaffected by the diatoms, no brown spots at all and are growing!

I added the API Phos-Zorb on a hunch that my tap water has some phosphate in it, but don't yet have the test kit to test it for sure.

Thank You for any help or ideas you might care to share.
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