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Originally Posted by mosspearl View Post
Glad to know it's normal, seuadr. Thanks! I've heard about placing sponge in the outflow to slow down the flow... what about putting sponge behind the intake? I'm planning on some microfish and some shrimp in this tank. Don't want any of them sucked into the filter. :P
i've set up my own DIY setup for my tank (one of my ghost shrimp ended up down in the sump with my pump somehow?!)

i have added a little plastic shelf (cut up a dollar store bin to make it) that fit in the sump to hold bio blocks (on the right, a mixture of new ones and existing from my other tank) and then added a second mechanical filter on the left to slow down the flow, this is with the pump turned all the way down. after i found the shrimp in my sump, i put a piece of scrubby pad over the intake to keep the shrimp from slipping in there! it seems to be working (thus far).
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