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Originally Posted by Neatfish View Post
Thinking of taking this tank down and doing a planted tank better. What you think?
That's exactly what I did!

Originally Posted by Neatfish View Post
Guess I should of listen to you about nano reef them guys are not helpful at all. I'm going to have to look for a different SW forum to get better help.
Ya you're right hahaha sorry :P reefcentral is a good place to start but be forwarned, only talk about, post pictures of, share opinions on - your stuff. They are very big on copyrights etc. even with naming products you use or crediting sources where you found your information. Anything negative or slightly (and I mean slightly) controversial, you'll get beaten with the proverbial banstick. But other then a close grip on your tongue, you'll love that saltwater forum. And no hahahaha I've not been banned, I just know people who have been.
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