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he doesn't have it. we've been talking. the crypt he has, is kinda pink on the underside. topside is green
however i do plan on trying to order some from somewhere once spring comes and ewather is more tolerable, its comming cross seas so we shall see if it makes it? it might not even get past customs. im not sure yet. don't need to break any laws getting it

know that i have talked to you enough, i feel comfortable saying, you may try increasing co2 a tad
the palustris hybrid had some twisted leaves and looked a little deficient. this may be its growth pattern but it's something that caught my eye. every other picture i've seen though looks pretty well exactly the way it should be

for the record. crypt wendtii red can look this way with low nitrates
my lfs is full of pitiful looking wendtii red. and it looks remarkably like that. just not as healthy
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