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okay the fish i got are doing great, well other then the loss of two uropthalmoides who jumped - actually they filter was a bit to strong and they were swimming fast and got tossed from the tank - figured it out when i saw number 3 do it and fall back into tank - problem fixed!

these are my 'wish fish' (laugh you will)
Orange Zebra Oto - yea, i know peru
Microdevario kubotai “Neon Yellow Microrasbora”
Dario dario “Scarlet badis, Scarlet gem” - can these go with rasbora and shrimp? so cute
Boraras uropthalmoides- “Sparrow rasbora” - whom i have fallen in love with.

how would Centromochlus sp. cf. reticulatus be with the small fish and shrimp - they are cute (if i can't get the orange ones), any idea on size yet, and what does a 'meaty' diet mean (to my betta that means all other fish and shrimp)

i would still need something for alge if not the orange - ideas think "nano"

i WISH you had more Parotocinclus peru - i am in LOVE with them...

if you don't have these these fish any ideas when you might? are we talking next sept-dec for all of them?

1 6 gallon
1 2 gallon 8" cube
1 10 gallon endlers tank
1 betta

Here they are

6 gallon journal

you can see more photos here the 4 8" cubes are on flicker... will get to their journal at some point (they are fun as they change often)

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