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I'm sorry, HD. Were you born on some distant planet? This looks Plain Jane to you?:

Lol! I would still want it!! A lot of it, too! It's PINK! If you know of any that already has some in submersed form, please let me know!!

Actually, in some ways your right.....I think that is just an albino form of a common crypt. But it is really rare to find over here State-side. It is somewhat common over in Europe, though.

Stock wise, I have Pygmy and Hasbrosus Cories, Otos, BNP's; orange, tangerine, and Amano shrimp; Microdevario kubotai and one of the microrasoras (I think boraras briggante), cobalt blue gobies, nerites and ramshorns, stuff like that. It's well stocked.
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