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Marko--thanks! The Alternanthera has really been a pleasant surprise for me. I knew it got "red" but not like this! Definitely adds a nice "pop" to the system. You have an emmersed set up....have you tried growing it? I could send you a stem or two next time I trim it. Let me know!

Keith--Indeed it would! HA! Maybe in a few years after enough people have been able to get it to submersed form and make it available. It's a stunner!

Bruce--Nice job yourself! And, I agree with's gotta be nurii. I don't even really care which species....the fact that I got it to spathe for me is an accomplishment for me.

Joshua--Well, thank you very much for the kind words!! I'll be on the lookout for your forthcoming journal, then!! What type of crypts are you going to use? More common ones, or more of the rare species?

HD--Thanks, man! It happens from time to time from what I've seen. It has never happened to me before, and I don't know many people that get it to happen within 4.5 months of a set up. THAT is way cool! I don't try to make it a habit of boasting, but I am, admittedly, pretty proud that I was able to get a spathe within such a short amount of time. Squee!

Fisherman! Thank you buddy! I'm really enjoying the set up now! Everything is beginning to come together, but I still have a very long time to wait before I would consider the tank to be "done." Those buce's, man....very pretty, and are growing quickly, but that doesn't mean that they're even close to covering even 20% of the area that I need them to. It'll take some time.

Frank--Yes, that was a WONDERFUL experience.....I think that SOMEONE was able to get a small daughter to start growing submersed. I have no idea if it lasted, though. I would give it a go, but like I said to Hung, I don't have that much time to breastfeed and nurture it into maybe growing for me. I'd rather simply pay a handsome sum for one that has been growing underwater. My conditions are prime; but, I highly doubt that I could get it to grow submersed from a gel. You would have better luck than I would. You would have to get some to grow emmersed, take daughters from that batch, grow it in really high humidity in a flood tank; take daughters from that batch, and then have it such that those daughters were mostly submerged; take daughters from that, and then finally you would probably have a crypt Flamingo that would survive underwater. Who has the time for that?

HD--Contact Hung (Noodle). He's a good guy, and may have a lead on some. Well, he did go to THE Ohio State University......that's the only knock I have against him.
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