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Re: H4N "Planted Tank ROOM"

Originally Posted by ChadRamsey View Post
you really have done a great job in there man.
Thanks man!!
I cant wait for it to be all done and sit back and relax haha.

Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
What are those huge filters on the 40B?

ya marineland emp. 400
I had them both on my 55g before. Using them for the time being.

Originally Posted by MSG View Post
Looks like you have Bio-Wheel 400's in the 40G Breeders unless Marineland makes an even larger filter.
  • What did you do with the intake of the BW to keep the critters from going through?

    There nothing in the 40b beside one with fishes. Most will have nothing.
  • What type of material is the floor mat/runner that you used in front of the breeders?
Thick black vinyl runner that sold at home depot by the feet.
Works great so the board under the tank don't get wet. And great for the floor so I can wipe it right up.

At this rate you should be done with a large majority of the tank arrangement 30 days from now.

Ya should be around there.

Hope you're ready for this weekend's storm. I would try to make sure you have some sort of emergency plan for your room first before I would set anything else up.
Ya I got a generator already

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