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Originally Posted by GMYukonon24s View Post
You have a good start going here.

last night I added another 500g of bio blocks.. do i need them? probably not. did i feel better putting them there? you betcha!

I also picked up a handfull of MTS and 4 ghost shrimp. they went CRAZY cleaning the tank, and as of this morning, 2 of them had molted!

my water is still just DEAD ON.. so i think if this continues through sunday, i may go pick up my little puffer then.

unless i decide to go all shrimp. I'll admit, i am on the fence about this.. i'm really enjoying the ghost shrimp in and of themselves. I'm not sure that i am willing to try to buy/breed enough shrimp to keep the puffer fed and a visible population of shrimp in the tank.

we'll see
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