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I have some in my ebi. My dwarf hairgrass carpets in it way better then in my fluorite black sand tank.

I have a crazy hard time getting my bacopa caroliniana stay rooted though. Mostly since it barely grows roots, and even tiger shrimp are enough to knock it up if they get frisky. And when its time to replant a trimming, there are no roots, and I basically have to bury 4 inches of stem and leaves to keep it from floating up. I really need to invest in some type of shrimp safe plant anchors, I dont want to use lead anchors in a shrimp tank.

That said though, Im really happy with it. I dont fertalize at all since its a shrimp tank, and everything grows slow, but well. The bacopa gets long and tall and red at the tips and flowers if I dont trim for awhile, the water wisteria grows slowly but consistently, the hairgrass keeps spreading ever so slowly.

Plus I love the look, and the price, for where I live, is 20% the cost of importing aquasoil.
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