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JasonK, Ridgewood is where I got my microswords and crypt parva. Amazed that a store of that quality is close to me. I hope to get a tank & supplies from them as my career (hopefully) progresses. Most things in there are all quality and priced accordingly, yet fairly.

As for an update,

1. I did a nitrate test and saw it was consistently high, so I stopped dosing ferts and just continued with the Excel daily. So far, its doing ok.

2. I am starting to setup the proper components for pressurized CO2, probably paintball. I got the aquatek regular size with paintball adapter, but am thinking maybe I shouldve just went with the mini/paintball reg. I thought It would be useful in case i upgrade to a 5lb tank for a larger aquarium. But thinking about it now, when I upgrade, Ill just go all out with a dual-stage, and keep the paintball setup for a nano tank. So in hindsight, I shouldve just went paintball mini aquatek. Doh! Also, I bought a Victor hpt 270b on ebay, so ill be working on that when time permits.

3. I hope to stock the tank more:
- Maybe a few more sparkling gourami? I like tiny nano fish, but I want to have shrimp in there, so i'm refraining from the nice pygmy loaches i saw, even the pygmy cories (or are they ok with shrimp??).
- Plants-wise, gonna try the DHG in the front as planned, and i need to do something with those stem plants (rotala) in the back.
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