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Re: Recommendations for disposable CO2 setup for 2.5L

Originally Posted by Kudaria View Post
Did you have a price range? Both greenleafaquariums and ada offer very nice nano setups but the cost is between 150 to 300 depending on what all you get.

Other cheaper options can be had from Fluval but I've heard of CO2 dumps with those - i guess one question is do you have any fish in it to worry about (asking because I'm not sure what you mean by HC).

If you don't have any fish then end of cartridge issues wouldn't be a major concern. The Fluval setups can be had for closer to $50.
Was looking for something no more than $80. I checked out the itsa one and that looks pretty cool. Not trying to go overboard and get an ADA disposable setup. I just want something that is somewhat pleasing to the eye since it'll be next to the tank.

HC = Hemianthus Callitrichoides aka Dwarf Baby Tears. Only plant I'm putting in the tank. I'm going to DSM for now until I find a decently priced setup. No fish until I have CO2 on lockdown.

I've heard the same thing about the Fluval stuff. Quite frankly, I won't try it. Read plenty of things that would set me astray.

I was also thinking of possibly DIYing a disposable CO2 setup.

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