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Originally Posted by RyanR. View Post
Okay I like keeping it simple I like it!! So what do you mean by traditional reactor or mist??
Not sure about how you have and how large a setup you are planning for, but here's a few things I've tried. I tried many more, with bioballs, sponge, bottles, you name it...but no pics to back it up.

The 4in PVC reactor was the best reactor I made. The performance was excellent with no mist ever getting into the tank, but I like mist- just a preference. I might use it a gain with my new build, but we'll see. Other than that the tall ones worked well & the short I didn't like. Too many bubbles & burps when Co2 was upped to keep up with the sump & flow.

I'm using a new method now, well not new but different. Very small powerhead with the impeller modded, but I'm using a eHeim 2213 on a 30gal at the moment so Co2 is easily achieved with only 60bpm Mist quality is excellnet, i.e., very fine mist that does not spoil the aesthetics. So far I'm leaning towards this for my 105gal build, but it's going to be a toss up between this and the reactor.

I'll prolly post that in the future when I finally get my new tank up and running.


16~18" tall made from 2in PVC with outflow placed in the pump intake line.

3ft using 2in PVC:

4in PVC reactor 27in tall - best I've made!


Feeding Co2 on the intake of external pump

Mazzei injector:

Mist via Encamat mod impeller, was a dedicated Co2 only pump:

Needle Wheel Pump:

Smaller DC pump for misting, never put into service:

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