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Originally Posted by marcnc View Post
Will the canister have enough flow to use the reactor?

Should my in-line heater go right after the canister, then to the reactor or should it go after the reactor? Or does it not matter?

My CO2 regulartor has a bubble counter on it, from what I read I can remove that since my reactor housing is clear?

Not sure about #1. Try and see. It will probably work.

Try it with the heater before the reactor - this will slow down flow (maybe) and allow more time for the CO2 to dissolve in the water moving through the reactor. I suppose this would only be a problem if you were blowing bubbles through the return wand.

Yes, you can remove the bubble counter. I have a clear reactor housing w/ no bubble counter. In my opinion, one less piece of equipment means one less thing to break. Make sure you still use a one way valve for the CO2 line though.
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