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Originally Posted by GraphicGr8s View Post
Reading this thread it makes me think you people automatically assume everything you're reading is accurate. I've done some searches on certain things and some of the answers are downright dangerous they are so wrong.

Some of the things I've seen although they will get you there aren't the right way and aren't repeatable. (generally)

Am I missing something? Google has never shown me where the answers where but hasn't told me how to do a darn thing.
This. I see stupid things people post on facebook and share and they don't even look it up, it just passed along. 20seconds online shows the post is only repeated on conspiracy websites and sites full of nuts, and then you find it debunked way down, but people don't do that, they just repost things like coke is made horse pee or all government leaders are really aliens from the Drako nebula.

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