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Got the 16" fixture, though, I feel misled (again) because it's really just a 12" fixture in a 16" body:

Meaning I could have spent less money on a shorter fixture.

There's significantly more of the body used in the 20" version (that I use on a 10gal):

This is the end of me buying rebranded fixtures.

Like other fixtures, the power cord is so short it's useless without an extension or some expensive electrical work.

At least it works and will produce sufficient lighting. Likely not going to use it for the 45-F unless I can't get my hands on something else. Not because of the four inches of wasted space but because it just doesn't look that great suspended. Probably gonna stick it on a 5.5gal in my tank room.

Now I'm excited to see what the fixtures I bought on eBay are like.

Update: Other lights arrived, so will have some photos hopefully later.

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