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Originally Posted by Gisimo View Post
Hi all i was wondering if it is possible to implement auto daylight savings time so it automatic change the time?!
You have to write code for this but the time change date is arbitrary based on the government. It's easier just to change the time manually.

Originally Posted by Gisimo View Post
I need help understanding how an n-fet works i have chosen one ( irf520) it can handel alot of power about 10 amp or so, but why is it getting so hot when it is only handling a load of 1.0 amp?
I have mounted it on a large heat sink because i want to make a salt water one day and i may then nead 6amp pr. Channel!!
But how hot vil it be at that load ?
It's natural for components with large amps to get warm/hot but not boiling hot. Check your circuit for shorts if it gets really hot and the circuit is broken.

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