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Originally Posted by Captivate05 View Post

That might be because I don't give a hoot about it and I don't designate any brain space to learn it. I use it up on my own job.
You just nailed it!
Its because most people dont care to learn it. Google will tell you how to solve almost any problem, given enough research time. What counts is how hard/ how much time someone wants to invest into learning the processes neccessary to complete the given problem.

Every job is at stake to the internet dont be fooled. Its why every job should focus on customer service at this point, thats what the internet doesnt have at this point.
Do your job well, with a smile on your face, and be courteous to those you are working with and you thrive, not and you fail, this is the decline of many recent businesses. Its the reason we kick our competitors butts in town even thoug we have a smaller workforce in a. less frequented location
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