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horned nerites every time!

Originally Posted by Newman View Post
Yes those snails went fast. They are the most amazing FW snails imo. They went to a good home and all of them made shipping and are alive and well.

There arent too many disadvantages with normal snails. unless they overpopulate the tank and crash it. they can make the water smell bad with their waste if that happens.
Stay away from apple snails, columbian ramshorns, and sulawesi snails for planted bowls. those will eat some plants. and don't keep assassin snails in shrimp bowls, as sometimes they can kill shrimp.

Yes you can buy cheap cherry shrimp in the classified section of our forum here. plenty of invert sellers have them for cheap.
I had to put a plug in for horned nerites. My favorite are the bumblebee black/gold swirl ones. They stay around a half inch and their waste load is miniscule compared to the larger nerites. And, like the larger nerites, they don't breed successfully in fresh water so no worries about a snail explosion. Just my two admiring cents. Although my all-time fav snail is the lowly ramshorn snail, but it is such a crap shoot as to whether or not they will populate the heck out of the tank. I have had ones nearly an inch across never lay eggs and a tiny one laid 70 eggs, which all hatched and the mom/dad snail promplty died leaving me to raise them until they could be put back in the pond...
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