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Thanks, everyone!

Originally Posted by Open_Cages View Post
Absolutely beautiful! I wonder how long feeding and maintenance takes...

Oh, and since you are a gecko pro, do you happen to have any experience with Lepidodactylus lugubris? They reproduce via parthenogenesis, quite neat. I was considering getting them, but would like to hear more about them. Thanks in advance.
About 30 min on non-feeding nights, 2-3 hours on feeding nights (every 2-3 days). So yeah, it's a lot of work at the point where you've got this many! lol

And yes, I do have a pair of Mournings. I just picked them up last year as hatchlings, and they'll probably start laying any day now... I keep mine pretty much the same as I do the Cresties; Crested Gecko Diet several times a week and 1/8" crickets about once a week. Super cool but super FAST little boogers! lol

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